Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things that Make Me Smile

Surprises (good ones!)

Real mail

Laimon Fresh (Long story...)



Listening to Nickel Creek (although sometimes it makes me cry too.)

A phone call from my big brother.

A comment on my blog. (hint, hint)

Spending time with my oldest sister (a rare treat)

Memories of my grandmother. (sometimes that makes me cry too..)

My brother's saaad jokes. *smile* (<-- see? I told you so.)

My nieces' antics and funny sayings.

Hugging my 93-year-old grandfather.

Wearing my favorite dress.

Cozy days.

Sunshine (It makes everything beautiful!)

Southern courtesy (a.k.a. chatting with a complete stranger just because you're in the same line.)


Happy Endings

And much more! I expect you’re yawning right about now though so I’ll cut it short. 

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  1. I like megamind too! I think I'll buy you a poster one of these days!