Monday, September 5, 2011


A dear friend from church sang this song yesterday in church. Tears were streaming down my face as she sang.


Last week was very rough. My grandfather has been in and out of doctor's offices since his pacemaker was put in. 

Another close friend found out her grandfather's cancer has returned.

And then we received some devastating news about a family friend.

So, I've spent much of this week in tears, particularly this weekend.

When Ms. Melissa got up to sing and explained how this song had touched her, I knew I was about to become a basket-case. But I still wasn't prepared for how deeply the song would touch me. But it was okay, they were good tears, tears of His own healing. 

I pray this song brings healing to you as well.


  1. Thanks, Holly, for posting this beautiful song. We have been earnestly praying for a 5 year old little girl named Gabby. She has brain cancer and is now in intensive care at the children's hospital. This little one needs a miracle now as there is not much hope given to the parents. I praise God that we can go to Him with these requests and pray for His will in this situation. The parents and family are suffering so deeply, as well as, little Gabby. Keep her in your prayers. Love you! Aunt Mariellen

  2. This song really brings alive the truth of how when I (or anyone else) struggle 'hopelessly" or when i feel like I'm drowning in failure God uses those trials to mold (or should I say hammer?) me into a stronger and, well, good person.

  3. Very sweet song!