Friday, July 8, 2011

My Most Memorable Independence Day

So how was your Independence Day? Mine was fantabulous!

It started out with our church picnic. Actually, I guess it started before that, at 7AM, when I got up to make two apple pies to take to the church picnic. I didn't feel like rolling out of bed at 7AM, especially since I went to bed at 11-something PM, but it was worth it!


At the picnic we had lots of yummy food and plenty of good friends to share it with! Before we ate, some of the men in our church read the Declaration of Independence. I had read it for school before, but I got a whole new perspective hearing it read by men. I thought of the men who wrote it and the risks they took, the courage they had, the absolute certainty they possessed that what they were doing was right. Amazing.

After lunch our church has a tradition of playing softball. I love it! I used to play baseball when I was younger and I really enjoyed it, so playing softball brings a little of it back to me. Plus, I love spending time with my church family. :)

After the picnic my family headed back home for a quick change of clothes, then to a friend's house for swimming and burgers. The pool felt marvelous after getting all sweaty and tired at the picnic. The burgers were amazing. Our friend guaranteed these would be the best burgers we'd ever tasted and he was right!

After dinner we left right from our friend's house to another friend's house to watch the fireworks with a lot of friends! It was great; we played Knot >,
there was ice-cream and we all just hung out! I haven't been together with so many of my friends all at once for a while. It felt really good.
Finally it got dark and we settled down to watch the show.

THEN....the deluge began. It started with some far off rumblings...then some lightening...then more lightening. Finally we felt a few drops. Then I heard a roar from behind and I knew some serious rain was here. All of us girls jumped up shouting and dashed for shelter. I ran for the car where I met my brother and two sisters. Unfortunately I didn't realize until too late that all my friends had taken shelter in the house and I got cut off from them. Still, it was really cool to watch the lightening/fireworks show. It seemed like God was pitching in to say "I'll give you a REAL show!" It was awesome.


  1. It was a great day. :) I wish we could have stayed to see the fireworks but that was impossible. :( ;D

  2. I am so glad that ya'll go to come over! I loved it! Even when it got really wet! :P I really love those pictures of the fireworks!!!