Monday, May 9, 2011

Painting Project #1

So here is the project I've been working on for the past week or so. My dad recently painted all of our outside doors red, so I wanted to paint this chair that sits on our porch too.

It's pretty old and kind of beat up now so I wanted to freshen it up with some paint!

Looking better but not done yet!


What do you think? One of my sisters thinks the red is too much, but my mom loves it. I'm not sure that I love it, but I think it definitely looks better!

The weather in my hometown has been delightful this past week, warm with a refreshing breeze. I worked in my garden almost all day Friday. This time of year, between spring and summer is my favorite. The smell of the blooming privet hedge, the chirp of crickets, cool breezes, and warm sunny days are a balm to my soul. Something about this time of year makes me feel at home like no other season can.

 I'm so thankful that God made the world to be a beautiful place, that I am able to enjoy it and that His grace keeps it that way!

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  1. Ohh, the red on the chair is lovely! I am so glad that it turned out great!